Activities & Events

Barolo Castles Foundation Attivita Eventi

So many visitors, so many different needs, expectations and time availability. We do our best to ensure that a visit to the castles and museums we care for is a comfortable experience for everyone, an educational and entertaining adventure, a way to grow, to discover, to feel part of something great.


Visits…. because we think of those who enter the castles and museums as guests. But the tools available for self-guided tours and the guided tour formats turn the visit into a tailor-made experience. Because our guests must feel at home.

For Families

Families are welcome in the castles and museums managed by the Foundation. In each of them we have set up dedicated services and recurring exclusive initiatives, to make the visit a pleasant experience, a learning opportunity whilst staying together and having fun.

For schools

Guided, experiential, thematic, animated tours. Playful-educational journeys. The educational vineyard. Even a night at the museum. The Foundation’s offer in the estates it manages is designed to complement the curricular courses. An educational approach that allows for serious learning, but in a fun way.

Private events

The estates managed by the Foundation. Four castles, three museums, a collection of 382,000 wine labels. Locations, outdoor environments and indoor halls that open up to accommodate events for corporate or personal requirements. And then visit formats and activities to simply amaze guests.


From immersive visits to treasure hunts. From playful visits with friends to tastings with producers. Many specific formats for so many different visitors. Not to mention our complicit help in organising romantic proposals.