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Castle of Magliano Alfieri

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The castle of Magliano Alfieri stands out for its imposing and austere yet graceful lines, typical of the more mature Piedmont Baroque.

Owned by the Alfieri family since 1240, the current residence was built on the site of the medieval fortress by Count Catalano Alfieri during the 17th century. The building, completed by his son, Count Carlo Emanuele, features imposing lines, that are austere and at the same time graceful, typical of the more mature Piedmont Baroque.

The building houses the Antonio Adriano Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions, dedicated to documenting the tradition of plaster ceilings, a unique decorative phenomenon widespread in rural homes in the Roero, Astigiano, Monferrato and Ovadese areas between the 17th to the 19th century. The museum narrates the particular construction technique and exhibits numerous panels and fragments of more or less refined plaster ceilings from various homes, featuring naturalistic and abstract decorative themes, depending on the type of home from which they were recovered.

Castello di Magliano affresco
Castello di Magliano dettaglio interno stanza
Castello di Magliano facciata

Since 2015 the castle of Magliano Alfieri has also hosted the Landscape Theatre of the Langa and Roero Hills.

The visit itinerary is divided into various thematic rooms and represents a precious means to interpret and understand the peculiar hilly landscape of these territories, which became a World Heritage Site in 2014. Many film clips tell about the stories, traditions, work and daily life of generations of farmers who built, and entrusted to us, a unique and inimitable heritage. Alongside the audiovisual stations, exhibited agricultural and domestic work tools are a testament to the hard work that shaped these hills.

On the east side of the castle stands the noble chapel of the Alfieri family, which can be visited. Remembered as the Oratory of the Holy Shroud, it is rich in frescoes and is a jewel of the Baroque

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