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Educational Services

We have an engaging learning program for schools, fun and educational activites for families, and interesting and unique visits for adults. Our educational services have been studied by the Foundation at the various structures we manage in order to be stimulating and enriching for all ages. Each castle and museum has planned activities that support their values and special characteristics.

At the WiMu in the Castle of Barolo, the Foundation has proposed an educational visit for schools that suggests two basic starting points: the extraordinary variety of wine themes understood in its broader cultural context, and the innovative installations of a modern, multisensorial museum that interests and involves even the youngest of visitors.

Adults will enjoy the wine course that details the history of wine through the perspectives of several ancient civilizations, or the role of women in the history of the nectar of Bacco over the centuries; and will certainly be stimulated by the stories of people and processes through the histories of the Italian unification and the birth of Barolo (to name just a few examples).

The experiential visits invite visitors to listen, smell, touch, and taste. The "Esploramuseo" is a playful visit dedicated to families with children ages 6 to 12. Finally, the "Gire del Vinovago" is a special recreational course for adults.

At the Castle of Serralunga d'Alba, the Foundation has created a learning opportunity for schools that consists of scholastic courses with workshops and classes. Students will learn about the feudal past of the territory and the close relationship that the castle has historically had with its surrounding land. In addition, there are visits dedicated to contemporary art exhibitions periodically installed in the castle rooms.

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