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Founded in Turin in 1858, Baratti & Milano is part of the Italian culinary history of sweets and desserts. The high quality of their products has been awarded with major recognitions from the very beginning of their founding, such as being merited the Sabuadian crest of "supplier of the Royal House".
Its fame was born in the historical coffee shop in the heart of old Turin, now an historical locale of Italy. After over 150 years of producing high quality products, it has become one of the world's most prestigious Italian brands in chocolate and confectionary sweets. Baratti & Milano create their specialty products by controlling the raw materials of their products from their very origins: the cocoa is selected from countries known for high quality cocoa bean cultivation, such as Ecuador and Ghana; and the entire productive cycle for both chocolate and confectionary items is carried out in the factory at Bra (in the Province of Cuneo).
One ingredient of particularly notable excellence for Baratti & Milano specialties is the hazelnut. The hazelnuts are selected for high quality and specific dimensions, and are strictly the "Tonda e Gentile" variety that comes from geographically confined areas of Piemonte.
Today, Baratti & Milano is a confectionary industry that knows how to join tradition with innovation. It continues to create new specialties, including the Classic Candies (Caramella Classica) with 22 flavors, the chocolate and hazelnut fudge-like Gianduiotto, the delicious Cremino, traditional Tavolette, and the original and inimitable Subalpino. Every chocolate and every candy is a small jewel for Baratti & Milano, created to satisfy the palate and gratify the senses through the care dedicated to each creation. The high quality of Baratti & Milano is only possible through the professional capacity of those who work in the company with passion and creativity, people who build and develop the company's unique and recognizeable style.


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Multi-Color Italia S.p.A., the leader in premium roll and sheet adhesive label production, has grown over the years to become one of the most important and well-established packaging manufacturers for the oenological industry.
Equipped with all the printing technologies present in the market, among its customers it boasts the most renowned and prestigious wineries, both in Italy, and throughout Europe and worldwide.
Producing adhesive labels in reels, wet glue labels in sheets, boxes, tubes, stationary, resin labels and neckhangers, MCC Italia specialises in the production of prestigious labels with various detailing such as gold-foiling, embossing, debossing, braille, bronze powder.
It is part of Multi-Color Corporation, with headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, and with more than 50 production sites equipped with technologically advanced facilities, in more than 20 countries in North America, Latin America, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and Asia Pacific.



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