The Barolo & Castles Foundation began in 2011 with the objective to manage and integrate the system of castles that has developed over the centuries in the area around what is today the WiMu, or Barolo Wine Museum. The Foundation is committed to the conservation, upkeep, management, and valorization of the castles, historical palaces, and other important buildings in the Langhe and Roero.


Departments of the Foundation include: the President; Board of Address; Board of Administration; Scientific Committee; and the Board of Auditors and Accounts. All the positions of the Foundation are free of charge and given in the spirit of good service to promote the territory.


We know we are fortunate to be involved in such beautiful work. And we realize that what we do is truly one-of-a-kind. We give it all our passion, enthusiasm, competence, and dedication. One of the best moments we see is when a child who visits with his school tells us he will "bring his parents too."



Barolo & Castles Foundation
Piazza Falletti - 12060 Barolo (CN)
Tel. +39 0173 38 66 97
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